Elephants wrapped and on the truck… Leaving Friday Harbor for their new home at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo…

Photos courtesy of Steven Gutmann…

SEE EARLIER TEDBOOKSDAILYPIC…https://tedbooksdailypics.com/2012/06/24/elephants-invade-friday-harbor/

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4 thoughts on “READY TO HIT THE ROAD…

  1. That must have caused some rubber necking on the road….

    • I’m sure of it. I was off island shopping with my daughters and grandkids, and my son-in-law took these pics and sent them to me. As we drove to the ferry in Anacortes to return to Friday Harbor, the truck full of elephants passed us. Quite a sight!

      Susie can go visit them…

  2. That’s some craaaazy cargo!

  3. No kidding! Are you near Colorado Springs? You should take Roxy to see them… and please take photos for me. I’m going to do a blog on them.

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