Driving into Honolulu on the Pali Highway, we would see the top of this building peeking out of the trees…stopped  twice to take photos,  finally knew we had to find it, and see what it was.  Located in Nu’uanu Memorial Gardens, a Japanese cemetery, the pagoda was constructed in 1966… an exact replica of the Sanju Pagoda in Nara, Japan, built in the late 1500’s.  It is currently undergoing restoration, and was a beautiful sight on a rainy Hawaiian morning.

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7 thoughts on “PAGODA IN THE TREES…

  1. Dear Ted,

    That is a beautiful structure. I first saw it 9 years after it had been built when I was stationed at Pearl Harbor. Always spoke to me of bygone eras and I think it adds to Honolulu’s charm.

    You still busting your butt?



  2. So jealous of the things you saw. So beautiful.

  3. Ah Pagoda in Hawaii! This will add to the pleasure: Cold and low hanging fog in the northwest. Happy travels.

  4. I want to go back to Hawaii! I never got to see the big island, spent a month on Maui one summer. Nice pics.

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