Hunting Trip…

Hunting Trip...

Edna Kresge in Modoc County… circa early 60’s
Guest Photographer… my mom Edna… photos found in an old forgotten camera…

hunting trip

My Dad is on the far right…

To read a story about this ranch… Ted Book ~ My Favorite Summer Memory

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7 thoughts on “Hunting Trip…

  1. Edna looks so BadAss! I do enjoy old photos.

  2. She was a real pioneer type.

  3. Hello Ted,

    I just tossed in “Modoc” as a search word and landed here. We are very, very distantly related through Nathan Seward Kresge who married Laura Miller and lived in Chico many years ago. I am a descendant of the Sharps & Millers from Modoc. In fact my 1st cousin once removed still lives in Bieber: Ethel Chambers.
    Which Kresge did Edna marry?
    Anyway, just dropping by…wish you well…and what a great pic!!


  4. Nathan & Laura are Marcel’s parents! I have Marcel Ernst Kresge born 15 Jan 1912 and a brother Owen and a sister Leola. Edna’s maiden name was Gould, correct?
    Wow, how cool! (I’ll check out your earlier post as well.)

  5. Oh wow, you are going way back. I never knew his parents. I did know Edna’s, Ma and Pampy Gould. My sister thinks he is the old guy in the photo, but I think he died before the 60’s… I could be wrong. I do remember Owen. The last time I was there, was when I worked that summer, must have been ’59 maybe. My parents went up there every year. Marcel and Edna retired from ranching and sold their ranch. Afterwards, they worked for the Forrest service for years, manning a lookout tower for forrest fires. Their sons met tragic ends. Gary was killed in a car accident, and Glen was drowned while riding a horse across a river driving cattle, or some task like that. Those were some great summer vacations in Modoc.

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