The Old Man and the Horse…

At the San Juan County Fair Horse Arena...

At the San Juan County Fair Horse Arena…

A few years ago, my friend Ken Serratt bought a horse for his daughter.  She took lessons, and when he saw how much fun she was having he bought a horse for himself and took lessons.  His wife then bought a horse and took lessons.  Now they are all riding.  He is getting pretty good and we can’t laugh at him any more.  Here Ken is taking part in a timed horsemanship event… I think his daughter beat his time… don’t know about his wife’s time.  Talk about family fun!

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3 thoughts on “The Old Man and the Horse…

  1. Great shot Ted!!

  2. Ken rocks! This picture needs to go on his wall, it’s awesome. Him and the horse are smiling!

  3. Both you and Ken improve with every shot !

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