‘Gallery of the Louvre’… Now showing at the Seattle Art Museum ~ By Samuel F.B. Morse (yes, that Samuel F.B. Morse)

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6 thoughts on “AT THE ART GALLERIES

  1. Yes, art galleries! Nice photo Ted!

    • Damn… you are quick, Kate… I just posted it. Morse spent over a year copying paintings at the Louvre in 1831 to make this “exhibition painting”. Gallery paintings were popular then to show artwork to those who would never get to see the real thing. Of course those paintings were never hung in that arrangement in the Louvre, just in his painting. He included himself, dead center hovering over his (it is believed) beloved dead wife Lucretia, who died 7 years earlier… or she may be the figure copying paintings at a desk to the right.

      • Wow I didn’t know any of that Ted! I’ve always been fascinated by people who did paintings of paintings en masse. My dictation system is becoming more reliable but whenever I try to put in your name it comes out with “chair”!

      • You do know who Morse is, don’t you? He did not have much luck as a painter, but went on to bigger and better things.

  2. It is always fun to take pictures of people looking at art.

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