Tuneful Tourist



I saw this guy sitting on a bench singing and picking… just for himself… pretty cool!

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3 thoughts on “Tuneful Tourist

  1. How lovely, Ted. What is that instrument?

  2. Saw sign in window behind him, “Whale Watch Tours”. Do you see them often? Shouldn’t be a surprise to me, given you are so close to Orcas Island!

  3. I think it is a Mandolin like a guitar. Actually, the Orca whales run along the west side of San Juan Island, because that’s where there is a salmon run. Not really by Orcas Island. I don’t know how Orcas Island got its name… I’m sure because of the whales… better than Killer Island. Whale watching is a big industry on our island with lots of operators. Boats come from Orcas and Lopes Island in our group, as well as Vancouver Island in B.C.

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