A Moment of Reflection


A museum guard takes a break…



From the other side of the glass…

I wondered what she was thinking or feeling, as I, unseen, intruded on her private moment.


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3 thoughts on “A Moment of Reflection

  1. Lucinda Poulsen on said:

    These are so great

  2. I love the composition of the top image, Ted. I can imagine a lot from it. I think it tells a story. From her position, so close to the window, and her foot poised to move as if she is trying to step through it, there is a sense of thwarted momentum. The depth of the image on the left, where you can see through to another gallery suggests that maybe she has found herself trapped, not having taken advantage of the other path that is open to her. I wonder if she is frustrated by the monotony of her job and planning her escape to better opportunities? Of course this is exactly what you wanted to convey with the image, I am sure!! x x

  3. bobovnvet on said:

    What she said…………… 😆

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