俳句… HAIKU BOMBERS #2… St. Paddy’s Tacos

Bringing back for St. Pat’s Day this Friday…


I first posted this story on March 15, 2012… I thought it would be fun to bring back for St. Pat’s Day 2016… it was one of my first attempts at writing a Haiku…

          Quill Shiv has a new Haiku writing prompt… A photo of Saint Patrick.  

My result:

                         You can make your own
                         corned beef, cabbage and salsa
                         at the taco bar.

Corned Beef and Cabbage Tacos… In 1986, back in my Restaurant Days, I went to work for Jerry Franco.  Jerry was a bit of a culinary impresario on the Sacramento restaurant scene.  He had just reopened the Town House on 21st Street, down the block…

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3 thoughts on “俳句… HAIKU BOMBERS #2… St. Paddy’s Tacos

  1. Loved reading this post again Ted. You didn’t reply to the comments I left all those years back! 😥😀😇

    It is funny how corned beef and cabbage is associated with Ireland in the US. In our family it is associated with English relations.

    • Thanks, Kate. I know, I didn’t always get back to reply. I thought it would be fun to bring back. Those were fun times working at that bar.

      Also funny, is that celebrating St. Pat’s is not done with corned beef and cabbage in Ireland. In fact my Irish relatives say they never eat corned beef. And they don’t like cabbage, just potatoes.

      • Oh yes, the potatoes!! There was almost a riot at my sister’s wedding (all her hubby’s relatives came to Oz for the occasion) when the caterers said their were only two potatoes per person at the buffet, and when I say two potatoes, I mean two substantial ones, not just two pieces. 😊

        I love corned beef but cabbage . . . Ugh!

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